The Good News Club is one of the public programs operated by the Lithuania Christian Fund. This children’s program has been operating since 1997 and it has an affiliate program in Panevezys Region. The club’s heartfelt work is to help the children in the Ginkunai Community. This work is accomplished by working together with other city and region institutions as well as with Ginkunai Region social services. The specific character of this work requires constant learning and searching for like-minded partners willing to draw upon their experiences.

Lithuania Christian Fund Program For
Ginkunai Community Children

-It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into the doing.-
Mother Theresa

Program’s Mission

To meet the needs of the local community’s children and teenagers living in at risk families with social needs. These needs are met by teaching, occupying the children, and ensuring professional help.

Program Goals

  • To help children develop emotionally and physically.
  • To encourage children and teenagers in their self-esteem and enable them to find their place in the local community.
  • To introduce the children and teenagers to the foundations of Christian values and truths, and to encourage them to observe them in their own lives.
  • To introduce the children to the cultures, traditions and histories of other countries.
  • To foster civic duty.
  • To introduce workers and volunteers working in the program to new knowledge and practices.

Elements of the Program Nutritious Food

In 2001 fifteen club children had the opportunity to eat lunch everyday. In 2002 twenty-one children received a hot meal once a day. This program continues into 2003. The food for the children is prepared in a publicly certified kitchen at the “Ginkunai Manor” address.

Break Dancing at the Manor

A few club children wanted to learn to dance to music using various complicated body movements and dance steps. At the end of March we hope to see the program that the children are preparing by themselves.

Religious and Moral Training

This is the most important element of the club’s program. “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the Father,” declares the gospel writer. Those of us who perceive the Bible’s declared truth have the important responsibility to serve, and to share the good news with all that we meet.
Through this element of the club, children and teenagers are introduced to the foundations of Christian morals and truths. They also learn to recognize and adhere to the most important Christian holidays by preparing a program, to which they invite their parents.


In the summer of 2000 club children spent a few days in Paberzde at Father Stanislovas’ house. In 2001 the children visited Ventes ragas. And in 2002 they were in Mosedis Rock Museum, Orvydu Gardens, Trakai Castle and Kernave. These visits left the children with a lasting impression.

Summer Camps

Last summer for seven days of intense development – all the club children were able to attend specialized camps. The teenagers had the opportunity to travel for seven days by bicycle through Zemaitija. We are also planning similar camps for this year. All year the children are “sick” with dreaming about being at these summer camp adventures.


Sports Training

The club enables the children to play sports with other Siauliai City and Region children every other Saturday. Every year the sports club organizes contests (table tennis, basketball and fishing). At these activities the club children have the opportunity to compete with other city children.

Mid-Winter Vitamin Program

From the middle of February until the Easter, part of the club’s children receive vitamins recommended by the Siauliai Public Health Center.

Hand Crafts

The children draw, color, and learn to produce complicated ornaments for gifts. Many of the children most eagerly look forward to this activity.

Drama Theatre

Club teenagers, with the help a professional director from the city, wanted to create a one act play. They hope to show this drama to their peers, parents, and associates. They have also been invited to perform in other cities.

Film Viewing

Club children and teenagers are shown interesting and acclaimed films.

Thematic Meetings

City professionals love to relate to and share about their experiences with the teenagers. The teenagers have met with city police, public health specialists and doctors, as well as with business people.

In Panevezys

On Saturdays the Panevezys club children meet to play, visit, and eat breakfast together. Everyday a family is visited by the club social worker. The worker talks with the parents or guardians in order to better understand the real needs of the children and prepare to meet those needs.

Present Projects

Since this fall we have been planning to provide one more service for the community children and teenagers – “a clean and fragrant body”. Already we have finished gathering showers and clean clothes in a room in the Manor basement. In the process, we have postponed our dream of creating an athletic/dance room for another year.


We would like to enable the teenagers to acquire a skill to use in the work force. Carpentry, sewing, and locksmith programs would occupy the children now and enable them to perfect a trade that will be useful for their lives as adults. Without doubt, this dream will take time to develop and it will require much help and understanding from others.


Every year since the year 2000 the Lithuania Christian Fund has invited two young adult groups (one at a time) from North America and Germany to stay at the Manor. The guests have wanted to relate to the club members. Some of the young people and children have continued their friendships over the internet or have corresponded by mail. More than once we have experienced that this short time of contact with different cultures has been beneficial for all involved. The club members improve their foreign language and the quests try to comprehend the local culture.

Club Personnel

The program director, two social workers, and four volunteers.


The idea for the club was born spontaneously. A few years ago local children were playing around the building as we were remodeling. One of the fund workers initiated conversation and games with the children. As they related it became clear that the children were concerned about more than just games. A little later a few children were invited over for fruit and sandwiches. The local community children related with the construction workers and the missionaries passing through. In the process they developed a warm relationship that has continued until now. The children and teenagers who regularly attended the club invited their friends, and those friends invited others. The children came because they were curious about what was happening at the club. Today the clubs in Siauliai and Panevezys have 70 regular attendees (ages 5-14) and about 20 teenagers (ages 14-18). The majority of these children and teenagers are from families on social support and/or from troubled homes.

To all who have contributed to the Good New Club, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You can send contributions to:
Correspondent Bank
Beneficiary’s Bank AB bankas “Hansa-LTB”, Savanoriu 19, Vilnius
Beneficiary’s Acc. No 10002403259
Beneficiary Lithuania Christian Fund,
Zeimiu 7, 81494 Ginkunai, Siauliu r

For more info:
+370 41 589 242