Shelter in Ginkūnai Manor

Previous Next Ginkūnai Manor (Žeimių g. 7, Ginkūnai) has become a home of refuge for women and children fleeing the war in Ukraine. We opened

Fourth humanitarian cargo

Four minibuses leave for Ukraine on 22 April. Cargo: canned meat and fish, canned and dry soups, jam, sugar, pasta, cereals, coffee, tea, water, clothes,

Third humanitarian trip to Ukraine

Three humanitarian aid vans left for Ukraine this morning (04.04). Two vans were loaded from Ginkūnai (Lithuanian Christian Foundation). This is the third trip. Thank

International Friendly Tournament

At the tournament the Lithuanian and Ukrainian national teams measured their strength. Lithuania was represented by boys and Ukraine by girls. This time the Lithuanian

Ukrainian lunch

Ukrainian women prepare lunch for the children of the Children’s Day Care Centre at the Manor House. Today the food was served by Ana and

Humanitarian aid on its way

On 17 March, three humanitarian aid vans, driven by six youth from Free Christian Churches, were deployed to Ukraine. We are grateful to the Maltesers,

Aid to Ukraine

In the near future, we are preparing to send clothes, food, hygiene products, medical supplies, and art materials for children to Ukraine. 4-6 volunteers work

Accommodation of refugees

Today, nearly 50 women and children have taken up residence in our premises. In cooperation with organisations and individuals from Šiauliai district and city, we